Athens 1938
Memorial of the Unknown Soldier
at the site, in front of the House of Parliament, Syntagma Sq.
The Honour Detachment is shown leaving from the ceremony. The men armed with M/S rifles with short bayonets fixed. They all wear the 'new type' Greek helmets. Leather Y-straps (for supporting their ammo pouches) are omitted, a common practice of the prewar years.
Also visible on their tunics, are the bright red collar patches (denoting infantry) and the Regimental number patches stitched on both their upper sleeves. Some of the members of the detachment, are trainees non-commissioned officers(NCO aspirants). Their status is signified by the horizontal stripes on their sleeves.
The commanding officer, an infantry 2nd lieutenant, wears a black mourning armband on his left sleeve.

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